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The Storm Chronicles

Storm-Testament-Volume_One_Lee_Nelson_smcover The Storm Testament, Volume One

Wanted by Missouri law for his revenge on mob leader Dick Boggs in 1839, 15-year-old Dan Storm flees to the Rocky Mountains with his friend, Ike, and escaped slave. Dan settles with the Ute Indians where he courts the beautiful Red Leaf and Ike becomes chief of a band of Gosiutes in Utah’s west desert. In an effort to win a dowry for the hand of Red Leaf, Dan teams up with Ike in a daring horse raid on the Northern Commanches. There is plenty of adventure and exitement in every chapter of this sizzling epic novel.

Product Details
Title: The Storm Testament Volume 1
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2007-11-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555175443
Pages: 254
Dimensions: 6×9
Price: $15.95

Storm-Testament_Volume_Two_Lee_Nelson_smcover The Storm Testament, Volume Two 

In 1845 a beautiful female journalist, disguised as a school teacher, sneaks into the Mormon city of Nauvoo to lure the polygamists out of hiding so the real story on Mormon polygamy can be published to the world. What Caroline Logan doesn’t know is that her search for truth will lead her into love, blackmail, Indian raids, buffalo stampedes, and a deadly early winter storm on the Continental Divide in Wyoming.

Product Details
Title: The Storm Testament Volume 2
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2008-02-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555176570
Pages: 304
Dimensions: 6×9
Price: $15.95

Storm-Testament-Volume_Three_Lee_Nelson_smcoverThe Storm Testament, Volume Three

Inspired by business opportunities opened up by the completion of the transcontinental railroead in 1879, Sam Storm and his friend, Lance Claw, attempt to make a quick fortune dealing in firewater and stolen horses. A bizarre chain of events involves Sam and the woman he loves in one of the most ruthless schemes of the 19th Century.

Product Details
Title: The Storm Testament Volume 3
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2008-05-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555173746
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 6×9
Price: $15.95

Storm-Testament-Volume_Four_Lee_Nelson_smcoverThe Storm Testament, Volume Four

When the Fancher Company rides through town, Dan Storm learns that his old enemy, Dick Boggs, is traveling with them. However, at the insistence of Porter Rockwell, Storm leaves the territory to scout out a force of U.S. troops who set out from the East to unseat Brigham Young and install a new governor. When he later finds out that Boggs and the rest of the company are headed south – toward his home in American Fork – Storm sets out to protect his family from Boggs, but arrives too late. Furious, Storm joins the Gosiute chief Ike in trailing Boggs and the rest of the Fancher Company to Mountain Meadows, where an unusual sequence of events triggers one of the bloodiest massacres in the history of the American West. A beautiful blind woman, the kidnapping of two little girls, a frantic chase through the Utah wilderness, and an unanticipated romance make this one of the most intriguing historical novels of Western LDS history.

Product Details
Title: The Storm Testament Volume 4
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2008-06-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555174132
Pages: 252
Dimensions: 6×9
Price: $15.95

Storm-Testament-Volume_Five_Lee_Nelson_smcover The Storm Testament, Volume Five

 In Utah Territory in the 1880s, the United States seems determined to crush the Mormon Church, with polygamy as the central issue. The polygamous Storm family find themselves being torn apart and scattered in the attempt to survive this unfair conflict. Church leaders are on the run, wives are being forced to testify against husbands, good men are going to jail without a fair trial, Church property is being confiscated by determined U.S. Marshals, and the Mormons themselves are unable to agree on the issue of polygamy. But despite the impossible odds, the Storms resolve to fight back.

Product Details
Title: The Storm Testament Volume 5
Author/Artist: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2008-09-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555173562
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 6×9
Price: $15.95

Storm-Testament-Volume_Six_Lee_Nelson_smcover Storm Testament Volume Six: Rockwell

The true story of the timid farm boy from New York who became the greatest gunfighter in the history of the American West. He drank his whiskey straight, signed his name with an X, and rode the fastest horses, while defending the early Mormon prophets. This is the story of Porter Rockwell, the destroying angel of the old west.

Product Details
Title: The Storm Testament 6 – Rockwell
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2007-10-01
ISBN: 9781599550961
Pages: 396
Price: $15.95

Storm-Testament-Volume_Seven_Lee_Nelson_smcover Storm Testament, Volume Seven: Walkara

The true story of the young savage from Spanish Fork Canyon who became the greatest horse thief in the history of the American West, the most notorious slave trader on the western half of a continent, the most wanted man in California, and the undisputed ruler over countless bands of Indians and a territory larger than the state of Texas, but his toughest challenge of all was to convince a beautiful Shoshone woman to become his squaw.

Product Details
Title: The Storm Testament Volume 7 – Walkara
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2009-05-04
ISBN/UPC: 9780936860275
Pages: 360
Price: $17.99

Other Historical Novels

Ephraim-Chronicles_Lee_Nelson_smcoverEphraim Chronicles

In 1923, Frank Clark headed into the wilderness to trap Old Ephraim, the most notorious grizzly the Utah mountains had ever seen. Ephraim literally waded through herds of sheep and cattle, as his powerful paws broke legs and backs and slung entrails in every direction. Defying the herdsman who invaded his historical domain, he overturned their steel traps, and dared theim to come get him with an impunity unparalleled in the history of the American West.

What Clark didn’t know was that Ephraim had a friend in, Danny Evans, who grew up with the grizzlies to become an elusive raider himself, until he was arrested by the law, schooled by an atheist, and courted by a stunning, young prophetess, while driven to find himself and the father he never knew.

This is the story of a bear and a boy, and the forces that push them to the brink of tragedy and self-discovery.

Product Details
Title: The Ephraim Chronicles
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Hardback
Release Date: 2000-06-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555174655
Pages: 180
Price: $15.95


Storm Gold

In 1610, while the pligrims were tip-toeing onto the rocky New England coast, Spanish adventurers and Catholic priests were riding their mules north from Santa Fe in a quest for gold and baptisms.

One of the last and largest Spanish settlements was located on what is now the Ute Indian Reservation at Rock Creek. According to Ute legends, the biggest slaughter of white men by Indians didn’t occur at the Little Big Horn, but at Rock Creek, where in 1840 nearly one thousand Spaniards were slaughtered by Indians, ending once and for all the era of the Spanish gold seekers.

This story is about that last great battle, told through the eyes of Utah’s favorite writer of historical fiction, Lee Nelson.

Product Details
Title: Storm Gold
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 1996
ISBN/UPC: 1555178790 / 978-0936860329
Pages: 270
Price: $14.95


The story of the Mormon farm boy from Southern Utah who put together the longest string of successful bank and train robberies in the history of the American West. Unlike most cowboy outlaws of his day, Butch Cassidy defended the poor and oppressed, refused to shoot people, and shared his stolen wealth with those in need.

Early in his outlaw career, Butch discovered true love. Her name was Mary, and the love they shared lasted for decades. However, Pinkerton agents, law officers, bank detectives and bounty hunters chased Cassidy relentlessly, making it impossible for him to leave the outlaw life, eventually pushing him to seek refugein Argentina and Bolivia. But in the end Butch outsmarted them all.

Product Details
Title: Cassidy
Author: Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2002-01-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555176224
Pages: 501
Price: $16.95

Collaborative Historical Fiction

Huck-and-Tom-_Lee_Nelson_smcoverHuck Finn and Tom Sawyer Among the Indians
by Mark Twain and Lee Nelson

In 1885 while The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was becoming one of the best-selling American classics of modern times, Mark Twain began this sequel in which Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Jim head west on the trail of two white girls kidnapped by Sioux warriors, learning the hard way that “book Injuns and real Injuns ain’t the same.” Fifteen thousand words into the work, Twain stopped in the middle of a sentence, never to go back; the unfinished story sitting on dusty shelves for more than a hundred years until The University of California cut a deal with Utah author Lee Nelson to finish it.

This story, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among the Indians, is the first new book with Mark Twain’s name on it in nearly a hundred years, with readers saying they can’t tell where Twain stops and Nelson begins: a story of adventure, wit and wisdom with Tom and Huck seeking true love while tramping through hostile Indian country, befriending Bill Hickman and Porter Rockwell, stealing from the United States Army, then on to face a gunfight and hangman’s noose in Sacramento, California.

Product Details
Title: Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer Among the Indians Paperback
Author: Mark Twain and Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2003
ISBN/UPC: 9781599555225
Pages: 266
Price: $16.99

Long-Shadows_Lee_Nelson_Wilford_Meeks_Halladay_smcoverLong Shadows
Wilford Meeks Halladay and Lee Nelson

A tragic tale of romance in the Old West, dangerous escapes, and close calls with Indians and the elements, Long Shadows tells a true story based on actual events in the life of Wilford Halladay, a lawman who became friends with a notorious bandit. Now Wilford’s grandson brings you a new story about an old legend. Under the watchful eye of best-selling author Lee Nelson, this book seamlessly weaves fiction with history to introduce you to a side of Butch Cassidy you’ve never seen before. Readers of all ages will love this compelling story about how even the smallest actions can influence the future. As the ancient Indian chief said, “Remember, my son, you cannot walk without a shadow.”

Product Details
Title: Long Shadows
Author: Wilford Meeks Halladay with Lee Nelson
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2009-07-05
ISBN/UPC: 9781599553535
Pages: 244
Price: $15.99

Last-Great-Secret-of-Third-Reich_ Arthur_O_Naujoks_Lee_Nelson_smcover The Last Great Secret of the Third Reich
by Arthur O. Naujoks and Lee Nelson

After World War II nobody seemed interested in what might have been. The course of modern history would have been totally different had a German submarine captain, Johann Heinrich Fehler and his crew followed Nazi orders and taken to Japan their unusual cargo of secret plans, scientists and materials for building atom bombs.

Had the officers and crew of the U-234 obeyed orders, Los Angeles and San Francisco might have been the first nuclear bomb targets. The Americans would have been the first nuclear bomb targets. The Americans would have been the ones agreeing to unconditional surrender, entering a world order with the emperor of Japan calling the shots.

The mystery of Hitler’s disappearance would have been solved ad he and Borrman returned from Argentina to take the reins as the Japanese puppet rulers in Europe-their reward for sending the U-234 to Japan. Perhaps Hitler would have even been allowed to resume his death hunt for Jews.

We can only guess what might have been, but at least we should acknowledge the role played by Captain Johann Heinrich Fehler and his crew in changing the course of modern history. This is their story.

Product Details
Title: The Last Great Secret of the Third Reich
Author: Arthur Naujoks
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 2006-11-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555179983
Pages: 112
Price: $12.99

Nez-Perce-Trail_Vernon-L-Harris_Lee_Nelson_smcoverThe Nez Perce Trail
by Vernon L. Harris and Lee Nelson

Chief Joseph, the leader of the Nez Perce, had always been a man of peace. Yet now his people are being forced from their lands. Following a deadly skirmish with the U.S. Army, a monumental decision awaits the great chief.

To keep his people intact, should they fight or submit?

Meanwhile, new settlers Lucas Phelps and his son Kirby are trying to tame the land and build a farm. Lucas is weary of the Nez Perce band that is temporarily settled nearby, while Kirby is intrigued by these new neighbors. He accidentally meets Little Bird, a beautiful young Nez Perce maiden, and finds he can’t keep her out of his mind.

Within days these two worlds collide to form a fascinating story of danger, bravery, misunderstanding, and forbidden love.

Product Details
Title: The Nez Perce Trail
Author: Vernon L. Harris
Format: Hardback
Release Date: 2000-09-01
ISBN/UPC: 9781555174647
Pages: 298
Price: $19.95

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  1. Judith

    Hi Mr Nelson – How many books are in the Storm Testament series? I have seen references to 9 and 10 volumes. However the last I seem to find is “Cassidy”, which would be the 8th. Can you advise me? I am trying to get a complete set. Thank you for a quick reply; I have a customer waiting! Judith

    1. Lee Nelson

      Judith, yes, there are ten volumes. The first five are called Storm Testament I-V, then we have: Rockwell, Walkara, Cassidy, Storm Gold and finally The Blackhawk Journey.


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