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The Storm Testament

Dan Storm and escaped slave Ike flee Missouri mobs to face a fiercer destiny in the Rocky Mountains. The Storm Testament series is Nelson’s best-selling fiction work, with nearly half a million books in print.

The Storm Testament II

Hired by a Philadelphia publisher to write the inside story on polygamy, Caroline Logan finds herself in a whirlwind of adventure, conflict, and romance as the Mormons flee westward to the Rocky Mountains.

The Storm Testament III

Sam Storm finds a profitable trade in firewater and stolen horses as he seeks the hand of the most beautiful woman in Great Salt Lake City, until a bizarre chain of events drags him and the women he loves into one of the most ruthless and deadly business schemes of the nineteenth century.

The Storm Testament IV

Dan Storm joins Porter Rockwell in the 1857 war against Johnston’s Army, but he soon finds himself with Ike, the black Goshute war chief, trailing killer Dick Boggs and the Fancher wagon train south to Mountain Meadows.

Storm Testament V

Ben Storm declares war on the anti-Mormon forces of the 1880s, gunning for U.S. marshals and establishing a sanctuary for pregnant plural wives.

Rockwell, Storm Testament VI

In this biographical novel, a timid farm boy from New York becomes the greatest gun fighter in the history of the American West.

Walkara, Storm Testament VII

A biographical novel about a Ute savage from Spanish Fork Canyon who became the greatest horse thief in the history of the American West.

Cassidy, Storm Testament VIII

A biographical novel about the Mormon farm boy from Southern Utah Territory, who put together the longest string of successful bank and train robberies in the history of the American West.

Storm Gold, Storm Testament IX

A rich historical novel set in the Spanish history of Utah before the Mormon pioneers came, an era ending in a massacre bigger than the one at Little Big Horn, one that didn’t get in the history books because the Indians, who didn’t keep written records, were the winners.

The Blackhawk Journey, Storm Testament X

Half-breed Silas Hastings seeks forbidden love as Ute warriors sweep across Central Utah leaving death and destruction in their path.

The Ephraim Chronicles

Learn the true story of the great bear of the Cache Mountains through the fictional eyes of Danny Evans, the boy who lived with the grizzlies.

Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among the Indians

Sequel to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, began by Mark Twain in 1885 and finished by Lee Nelson in 2003.

Born to Rope

“In Born to Rope I found something I didn’t know I’d lost. Not since I was a child reading King of the Wind did I find myself caring like this about a horse.”

—Warren Hatch, Salt Press

The Wasatch Savage

A white bull running free with the wild buffalo on Antelope Island brings the lives of four people onto a common path as the powerful story of The Wasatch Savage unfolds.

The Moriah Confession

In the heart of Utah’s west desert wilderness, they call the wind and the mountain Moriah.

A Thousand Souls

Elder Nelson’s autobiographical novel about heading off to Southern Germany in 1961 to convert a thousand souls.

Beyond the Veil (four volumes)

Each volume contains about twenty true near-death experiences, the stories of people who died, went beyond the veil, and returned to tell about it. Nearly half a million copies sold. These are Nelson’s best-selling nonfiction books.

The Last Great Secret of the Third Reich

Coauthored with Arthur Naujoks, this is the true story of a Nazi submarine captain and a Luftwaffe general who defied Nazi orders and delivered their nuclear payload to the Americans instead of the Japanese—a course of action that very well may have changed the outcome of the war in the Pacific, saved millions of lives, and altered the course of modern history; a story lost in top secret files and documents until now.

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