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Hoofbeats, a Personal History: The Fascinating True Life Story of an Exceptional Author

This touching and humorous personal history from author Lee Nelson explores his life from basic training in the Marine Corps to raising children and running businesses. Dive into stories such as speaking at the state prison to a hall full of killers and bank robbers, and discover the importance of keeping a family history. Learn and laugh from Lee’s life experiences, and be inspired to write your own.

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3 thoughts on “Hoofbeats

  1. Dennis W. Amaral

    I am writing an historical novel and in part of the story I am writing about the early church in Independence and on the Big Blue. I read in your book, “Rockwell” about a young girl giving her testimony at a fast and testimony meeting. She spoke in Tongues and Boggs heard what she said. Is this an actual event or is it fictional? If it is an actual event can you please share with me the source of the information? Thank you so much.

    1. Lee Nelson

      Dennis, I wrote this scene nearly 40 years ago. If the speaking in tongues is based on a true experience, it would have come from the Documentary History which is organized by date. Make a best guess for when the scene probably took place, and start reading there in the Documentary History. You might find it. I cannot remember if it’s based on truth.

  2. Angela Young

    I just wanted to take and minute and say thank you for all the wonderful books you have written. There is one book in particular that has special meaning to my family and that is The Ephraim Chronicles. You see, when I was 16 years old back in 1978 my family moved to Garden City on the shore of Bear Lake. My father owned a mechanic shop and I spent several years travelling through the Logan canyon back and forth from the lake to Logan to get parts so my Dad could remain in the shop and repair cars during the summer months. A few years later I moved to Logan where I married and began my own family. So, we know the canyon well and we have been to Temple Flats several times.

    When your book came out, my husband and I had 3 boys. We read your book together as a family and my children loved it so much not only because of the entertaining story, but because they could relate to knowing the setting well. We continued to read together as a family but after a few more read a louds, the boys requested that I read The Ephraim Chronicles again. I happily agreed and we once again enjoyed the story and our family time together. A few years passed and not surprisingly, they again wanted to hear the story even though they knew it very well by now. I, of course, obliged!

    Now the boys grew up and the book sat on the shelf somewhat forgotten after many years. However, my oldest son and his wife made a trip to Logan and went into an antique store and spotted the book. My son suddenly remembered the story and excitedly explained to his wife about the book and how we had read it so many times. It brought back such wonderful memories that he purchased the book and came right to my house and asked me if I would read the story aloud to the family once again. It made me smile as we gathered around with my 3 boys, 2 daughter in laws and my husband to re-read a story that we all adore. As we finished reading the first several chapters the first evening, I gave my son a hug and through tears told him how much I loved him and how much it meant to me that our time together all those years ago reading had touched him so dearly. I think that your book will continue to be read by many Young generations to come. Thanks for unknowingly helping in creating such a precious family memory for me and my family!

    It makes the time even more valuable to me because in 6 weeks my youngest son will leave on a mission to Independence Missouri and one of my sons and his wife will be moving to Cedar City so the next few weeks as we spend as much time as possible together I know we can once again feel close through our family reading ritual.

    With much sincerity,

    Angie Young

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