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Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson’s fiction and non-fiction books have sold nearly a million copies, with the Storm Testament series and Beyond the Veil volumes accounting for most of the books sold. Lee is widely known for his historical research, having killed a bull buffalo from the back of a galloping horse with a bow and arrow as part of his research for the Storm Testament series. Lee’s published works include 35 titles.

Nelson was born in Logan, Utah, but spent most of his childhood in California. After serving an LDS mission in Germany, he earned a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in business, both from Brigham Young University. He was a speech writer in Philadelphia and a car dealer in Montana before beginning his career as an author.

Lee lives on a small farm in central Utah. His hobbies include team roping, big game hunting, and reading lots of books, a habit begun in the fifth grade.

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12 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Robert Crowley

    I want to send my personal experience with SASQUATCH. but don’t have your current e-mail or mail address

  2. Ron Havens

    Bro. Nelson,
    I’ve read several of your books and have enjoyed them. i just reread Beyond the Veil once again after many years. When I first discovered it not too long after our 18 year old son was killed in an automobile accident, I found my self guided to Raymond Moody’s books (particularly The Light Beyond-which I feel I was guided to by our Heavenly Father in an unusual way) and several other authors research and treatment of the subject. At this reading the story that stood out to me was the one by Heber Q, Hale’s experience in 1920. Just curious as to how you came across it, and felt a desire to know a little more about Bro. Hale. Still doing some research on him but thought you might give me some information on him and where you came across his story??

    Ron Havens

    1. Lee Nelson

      Ron, I just discovered your WordPress letter today. I don’t remember where I found the Heber Hale story for my Beyond the Veil volumes. The publisher has asked me to compile all the best stories, including the one by Hebe Hale, to be included in a new volume, Visions from Beyond the Veil, to be released later this year.

  3. Ron Havens

    Per my previous message. I found him on find a grave website and that has answered the questions I was curious about. Too often we take things at face value without verifying them for ourselves. I had no doubt you had done so, just wanted to find the original source. Believe I have found it.

    Thanks for your book(s)

    Ron Havens

  4. Isaac "Ike" C. Ferguson


    I met you in April 2013 at the Centennial Jr. High School where you were a guest speaker at an essay contest meeting. I have spent 40 years working in International work for the LDS Church. Most of my years involved working with humanitarian efforts. Lloyd Pendleton is one of my colleagues.

    You mentioned during our meeting that you might be able to give me guidance regarding the publishing of some writings I have been doing about the humanitarian efforts of the Church, and its development.

    Would it be possible to meet sometime to get some ideas on how to proceed?


    Ike Ferguson

    1. Lee Nelson

      Ike, I remember talking to you at Centennial Jr. High. I’m involved with Cedar Fort Publishing where we release over a hundred new book titles every year. We’re interested in publishing a book about the humanitarian efforts of the Church. Please send us a proposal, outline and a few sample chapters. You can find more information and guidelines at Cedarfort.com. My personal e-mail address is authorleenelson@gmail.com.

  5. Anne Webster

    Brother Nelson,
    I would like to send you a email, as you and your books have had a big impact on my life this past week. Would you please send me a email address so I can thankyou and share the experience with you.



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